The Ramparts of Saint Lô

My trip in Normandy and Brittany was pretty ambitious. I wanted to se a lot -about 10 places in 4 days. This involved a lot of going back and forth all over the two regions via buses, cars, walking and trains.

I passed Saint Lô in Normandy a few times on my way to Coutances on the train and every time I saw the ramparts and fortress like centre ville through the window, I was intrigued.

Since it was a holiday (Easter) on Sunday, trains were very limited (they’re pretty limited in this region in general). So getting to Mont-Saint-Michel was super challenging, I had to hitch a ride from a couple who was going west towards Saint Malo via covoiturage. I had to meet them in Saint Lô, so I took the bus there early in the morning from Coutances, where I was staying with my friend.

And I explored the little village.